Different= Some S**t I’m Supposed To Like


“ If I don’t like it I don’t like it, that doesn’t mean that I’m hating”

Every once in awhile something comes out that masses gravitate towards and deem the new hot s**t. Well kings it is that time of year again for the bulls**t to commence. This whole Yeezus or whatever its called is prime example of this it’s different you don’t get it; he’s trying to be an artist gibberish. People painting this s**t like it’s the second coming of Basquiat; like Picasso came back on his Lazarus ish. And the rant begins here. If you paint a turd to look like an Easter egg guess what? It’s still a turd. People are doin their best to force themselves to like this uncohesive pile of mislabled hip hop. This ain’t hip hop or rap for that matter. This is for people in white loafers who have $300 lunches daily. The common argument to my premise is often you like that ignorant ish you don’t get what he’s trying to do.And you are wrong. Have you really listened to the lyrics this fool said on this album? Direct quote ” you thrown contracts at me you know n***as can’t read.” Aint nothing groundbreaking about that unless you like reinforcing stereotypes. What he is tryin to do has nothing to do with art; it’s strictly a money making endeavor.

The more avant garde something is the more attention it garners which for him means free promotion, more shows and more licensing for his music to be in tv, commercials and movies. Oh I get it,you are just the idiot that doesn’t see it for what it is. The same people shining this sh**t are the same ones that fight over which smartphone is better. The majority have no sense of style or taste and are spoon fed what to like by the media. They are going ape s**t over this which I have no problem with. I have a problem with the d**k riders saying this is saving hip hop. How can this save something that never died to begin with? True hip hop has always thrived in the cracks away from the light of the masses. Hip hop was born out of the plight inner city youth faced on a daily basis. Call me ignorant if you want I like what I like. I like aggressive, threatening I am going to body you if you look at me wrong testosterone filled tirades over soulful compositions. I love it and probably will still be banging that type of music when I’m cussin out the orderlies in my nursing home for not giving me another applesauce.

I like my rap to sound like rap not some ish you would hear at a ballet recital. But the simpletons are hell bent on making me like this for some reason. People always want to be cool and anything outside of the norm to them is progressive and groundbreaking. And this is neither; just some weird ass s**t that is a conversation piece for people at cocktail parties devoid of soul. They bring it up to make it sound like their hip and with times when in actuality they have no clue what this thing of ours is all about. I guess that’s just me tho. I have come to the conclusion if the masses like it I am pretty much going to despise it whole heartedly. I guess the bulls**t meter in my brain becomes more sensitive the older I get. I can spot it 5 football fields away now. Nowadays it’s like people don’t want you to have your own opinion if it doesn’t match theirs. Constructive criticism is a dying art because no one wants to be labeled as a hater. If Kanye had someone around him to tell him this ish was boo boo he might have re thought putting this out. But too many yes men afraid to speak their minds and this is the result.

I guess that’s the problem with success. The higher up you go the more people want from you. By them wanting something from you they will tell you whatever you want to hear to get it. Eh go ahead call me a hater don’t really give a f**k cuz at the end of the day I know I am not gonna be swayed. I am my own man with my own thoughts and opinions that are contrary to the status quo. Moral of this rant: just because someone says its different it doesn’t mean you have to like it. Rant over, carry on.

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  • Miles

    The problem with you fam is you’re a relic–at least that’s what the kids’ll label you. As a 30-something cat, I like my hip hop sounding like hip hop; specifically the stuff I grew up on (Swishahouse, 3-6, etc.). I can’t get with Yeezus or really too much of anything that’s been deemed cool for the last 6-7 years. I’ll keep jamming my screw and let the world do as it will.

    • kingj

      That’s the thing tho. I know the stuff out know aint for my generation and I’m cool with that jus don’t tell me I’m supposed to like something and if I don’t I am a hater. People nowadays to busy trying to please everyone and not stir s**t up. They scared to be labeled a hater so they don’t speak their mind. I could give two s**ts if someone else likes it thats their opinion jus dont force s**t on me cuz you like it.

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