Double Jeopardy

In PG County MD they enacted a county ordinance that requires people that were found guilty to fill a gun offender form at their local precinct within 48 hours of being released from serving their sentences. What’s even worse is if they receive a PBJ(probation for judgment) they still have to fill this form out. If they fail to do so they face additional charges. This bullshit isn’t statewide yet but I’m pretty sure they will find a way to sneak it in state senate at some point.

This ordinance was passed 7 days after the Colorado shooting. Coincidence? No it’s a steaming pile of malarkey. I hate the way everybody all of a sudden cares about guns after a tragedy happens. This is a convenient time to slip any bullshit bout gun control past the masses because they don’t want to seem unsympathetic. It’s basically a sneaky ass way to do double jeopardy without legally declaring it so. A lot more people’s probation and parole will be violated with this silly ass ordinance.

It’s another way of keeping someone trapped in the system even if a judgment hasn’t been made in their case. This is some unconstitutional bullshit. How can you force someone to sign something in which they haven’t been convicted on? PBJ is not a guilty plea but they are treating it like so. For those that don’t kno PG county has the highest population of affluent melanin in the state of MD yet it has the second highest crime rate beside Baltimore.

It is your constitutional right to bear arms yet they try to take it from you every chance they get and they use situations like Colorado as a reason. They never seem to harp on the people’s lives that have been saved from them carrying concealed weapons. People that would have died otherwise are still here today because of their trigger finger. If the population doesn’t have guns they can’t protect themselves from internal and external threats. If someone would have had a gun in Colorado that night that fucker wouldn’t be alive to experience due process of the law and lives would have been saved.

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