Dead Slow


“ I can feel the Lord pullin but he’s movin dead slow.”

Things have a way of slowly coming into fruition. The snails pace can drive a man to anti-depressants if he is not careful. Years of hard work, perseverance and dedication sometimes only move you an inch closer to the throne. You begin to question your motivations and the level of discipline you have displayed to only still come up well short of the bulls eye. Your sanity is a very fleeting thing during this time of tribulation. You begin to wonder if everyone else was right and you were too foolish to see it. The illusion of other people passing you by is just that, an illusion. It is at this low point that you must step back and see the magnificent slowly measuring your worth. Blessings are only bestowed upon the iron willed and the courageous in spirit. A kingdom aborted is a life unfulfilled. If you stop now no one will ever know the tenacity of your essence. It is at this time the lower part of your nature is the loudest voice you will hear echo. Self-doubt along with fatigue is many a would be kings downfall. It persuades you to accept the possibility of failure and finding comfort in despair. The majestic is slowly weeding out your weaknesses and incinerating the debris in front of you. Unfortunately all you see is smoke and the smell of death and decay is overpowering. Patience is not only a virtue but it is the gatekeeper of sanity. The creator never bows to our inferior wishes no matter how practical they are. Reward only manifests after suffering; the beautiful struggle indeed.

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