Somebody Else’s Problems

” If you put your problems on the table and someone else put theirs on the table you would take yours back.”

Rappin with Pops and he helped me put things in perspective. This kingdom sh** has been taking a toll on me lately. From the long days and nights to the people biting what I am doing, I am truly exhausted in every sense of the word. I broke down my gripes and the ins and outs of the stresses I am subjecting myself to just to see no reward at the present moment. He said son what you are doing is affecting people’s lives. So much so that it penetrates down to the core of their being. You just being you has shown people anything is possible. The problems you speaking on are good problems. You taking all the negative and helping people out going thru similar situations. You doing God’s work; it just aint as pretty and as polished as the masses would like it to be. So they clean it up and repackage it. You reaching people that would never set foot in a church. They see you reaching people that wouldn’t give them the time of day and they try to duplicate it.

They will never be successful at it because they never walked in your shoes and don’t understand how your mind works. They can only replicate after you do it. They can’t come up with it on their own. If they could they would have done it already. If you put your problems on the table and someone else put theirs on the table you would take yours back. You aint got nothin to complain about really. You just venting right now. You know good and damn well you aint gonna stop. You got that from me; you don’t stop until its what you want it to be. After I hung up the phone I thought about it and he was right. My gripes are minute in the spectrum of human suffering on this cesspool. Pops always sets me straight regardless of if it’s what I want to hear or not. Your problems will always seem enormous to you until you step back and look at the grand scheme of things. People are starving and living in conditions that I would die from in a week. Billions of people don’t have clean drinking water and I am worried about bulls**t. Go figure; the idiocracy of the human thought pattern sometimes is comical. Now laugh at yourself…

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