The Emasculation Of Barak Obama

A picture’s worth a thousand words especially to the unconscious mind. The powers that be understand the power of imagery and the effect they take on people’s perceptions. This Newsweek cover is a prime example. First and foremost this picture is emasculating the president. The first gay president? This is a heterosexual male that is married to a beautiful woman with two children. Say there was some type of nuclear holocaust and only a few artifacts remained from our civilization and this happened to be one of them. In future history books it would be written that he was the first gay president of America.

This man has went to through hell during his presidency. Every small positive step he makes is always overshadowed by visceral hatred. He has become the poster child for everything that is wrong with America; yet has not created the social and economic ills that plague our nation. He inherited an economy that was in the pits from the get go. Congress has fought him on damn near every issue and bill that has come through the floor yet he still maintains his composure. But back to this visual character assassination.

When a person’s character cannot be broken or discredited through normal means the aggressor resorts to desperate measures to accomplish their goal. When normal measures don’t work the aggressor resorts to challenging a man’s sexuality and masculinity as a ploy to get a rise out of him. His enemies are trying to paint him as a man that is not truly masculine. By subtle attacks like this they are saying that his incapable of being a strong masculine leader that this country needs to lead and represent its people to the world. This image effects his re-election campaign tremendously by challenging the faith of many different religions in a single swipe. Many religions view homosexuality as being wrong and only an ignorant person doesn’t realize it. If he alienates these voters it will hurt him heavily in the polls by costing him their votes. Not only does it cost him votes it infuriates and divides a country already divided.

Most people don’t remember words; they remember pictures and this is one hell of picture to forget. Politics is a dirty game. When it’s election time all bets are off. Candidates will dig up insignificant dirt on you just to gain the upper hand. They are trying to destroy this man and his legacy every chance they get. He may not have done everything right during his tenure but who does? The fact that he is black is burning a hole in the soul of these closet racists. They hate the fact that the world is changing and they are slowly losing their grip to new and progressive people and ideas. Their outdated racist practices and strongholds are dying slowly but surely and they are making sure they go out kicking and screaming. Racism is alive and well but it has aids. It’s only a matter of time before it dies in an ever increasingly colored world. A paradigm shift is around the corner and they know it. Til next time keep the bs on your radar; I kno I will.

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