Equilibrium = Peace

At the beginning of any endeavor it is extremely difficult because of the learning curve and the energy expended. Once you become accustomed to it you find peace and can perform that task with less or even no effort at all. All situations in life can be boiled down to this. Turmoil, strife and instability in the beginning and peace at the end. Why you ask? Because it is God’s design. God is formless and devoid of emotions that human beings are subject to. Time and physicality are diseases unique to man. When you find peace you find God. God is emotionless and indifferent to most aspects of the human condition despite of the delusions of our importance. Peace is a state of inactivity that very few grasp. This explains why people can experience Nirvana by meditating and doing absolutely nothing. When you still your mind and empty it of all emotions you return your original state before you chose this journey. When you clear it you feel God coursing through your veins and your spirit ascending to the upper parts of your being.

This is why true love is boring and other things that are designed by God. Equilibrium is balancing of the subconscious forces in our being and using our energy to manifest our will. Hell is chaos, heaven is peace. The night sky is peaceful when you gaze at it with an open mind. The key to learning in any situation is to find your peace in the midst of turmoil. Only when you find it can you still your mind and learn the lesson the heavens are presenting you with. Balance is the natural dance in between polar extremes that is designed by the master architect to bring opposing forces into harmony. This explains the duality in all things. It is God’s way of lightening the load when it becomes too much to bear. Through practice you can turn the impossible into normal if you understand this universal law. Thoughts from a cosmonaut; stay regal

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