Excuse Remover: You Are Your Own Gym


You now have no excuse to get your ass in shape. As chairman of the f**k a gym movement I endorse this book wholeheartedly. Whats even better is that no weights are required. The author was a navy seal and trained government killas on the regular. Home skillet does his pullups on a door and his inverted rows underneath a table. I know your sayin f**k a book how can I use this on the reg? Go to the google play store and search the app; it’s only $1.99. It’s got everything in the book, built in routines and even lets you create your own routine. Intervals, ladders, tabatas and so. Overall I give this 5 crowns up. You no longer have an excuse. F**k a gym gladiator out.

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  • Miles

    Copped. Been looking for a more comprehensive bodyweight routine.

    • kingj

      I know man tired of the gym life. Bodyweight routines are easier on you over the long run. Can’t lift weights forever. It ruins your joints over time and I notice that there is less chance of severe. Injury

      • Miles

        Most definitely. Being toned and naturally strong to me is better than beach muscles (although hitting dumbbell presses are supposed to be kinder on the joints I hear)

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