Exhibit Pullin’


I came across this gem while acting like a tourist the other day.  I been living round here damn near my whole life and only museums I been to are the air and space and african art ones. My wife and I decided to step out of our comfort zone and go to one of the other ones and as a result got unexpected game from a security guard. We were at the National Gallery downtown lookin at George Bellows paintings and her cell phone went off. She answered it and a security guard told her she couldn’t use it in the gallery. She said my mistake and that she didn’t know. After that though the security dude was cool. I started rappin to him about the art and the museum itself and he was tellin me about the process of how they get art from museums around the world. He turned out to be a pretty knowledgeable dude. He left me with a gem that could of use to any man’s arsenal. He said that if you ever wanted to see an exhibit but it wasn’t on display you could put in a request to see it. If it was in the warehouse it could be pulled if you wanted; you would get a call and set up a date and time to view.

How does this apply to you? Quite simple really; when you running your game on a top tier female you can make a surprise date out of it. It will give her the impression that you are “cultured” and entertain a wide array of interests. It will add mysteriousness to your aura and supply added charisma into your dealings with her. She won’t know what to expect when yall are together. She won’t be able to pin you down as a particular sort of man. Women love the illusion of a man seeming different from all other men she has been with.  By doing this it shows deep thought was involved in something as casual as a date. I can pretty much tell you no dude she been with has done some ish like that. She will develop deep emotions for you because of her perceived place in your mind. Emotion moves a woman. That’s why they will often stay with a dude that beats her or treats her like s**t. She will stay because the situation brings forth deep emotion no matter how negative it is.

Emotions make them feel alive even it’s a miserable existence with a nobody. As long as you make them feel something they will always come to you for that stimuli. The emotion brought forth from this action is on the other side of the spectrum however. It goes without saying that scalywags and stragglers aint gonna appreciate this gesture. If you don’t know what type of woman you are dealing with your life is going to be hard…lol. Sluts aint gonna respect it but the top tiers gonna get nekkid. You don’t become that naga overnight, it’s a process. When you get some time find out what museums and galleries allow for private viewings in your area. Ideal execution would be dinner within walking distance, couple drinks, solid game on the walk over, the viewing and then home sweet home. I wouldn’t rush the last part though let it germinate in her mind. There is no feeling like a woman that truly infatuated with you f**king you with every ounce her being. Let the legend of you grow in her mind for awhile til she can’t take it anymore and begs for it. And on that note … Stay Regal.


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