Fatherless Child

I see it hurts for you to smile

You cant conquer your pain if your in denial

Its hard to be a man with no framework to follow

Self medicating instead of alleviating your sorrows

Your friends aint shit but you don’t know no better

You seriously doubt if you will ever get your life together

Following those idiots that say they found the way

They don’t know shit but they always have so much to say

I know it’s hard to put to distance between you and your peers

They acting like the streets got a 401k for their retirement years

But all they got is rap sheets and wasted time in their portfolios

Believing the myth but they know how the ending of the story goes

Your moms can be tough but she’s still no man

When shit gets rough all she can do is hold your hand

And tell you baby its gonna be ok

Your pops would tell you to get off your ass and go find a way

But you wouldn’t know that because he was too much of a bitch

Left you for dead on the road of life in a syringe filled ditch

You see the light above you but the ladder has no rungs

And there aint no lumber yards in the heart of the slums

Men of iron are forged in the worst fires

The kind that smell like shit that are started with used tires

Men make moves boys have time to talk

Kings do the impossible and manifest a complex thought

I pray that you make your way through the wild

At the end of the road God has special blessings for the fatherless child

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