In this life people often have ulterior motives for showing you mercy or helping you. It is normally to manipulate you in  in some way shape or form down the line. Unfortunately the vast majority of people are only out for self. The Egyptians knew this way back when and even put in their hieroglyphs. Their take on it was the heart and feather scale. When a person made their passage into the underworld their heart was put on a scale and weighed against a feather. Imagine how many people in your face right now have heavy hearts. If a person was pure in spirit it was in perfect balance with the feather. If it wasn’t wasn’t they were sent to the bowels of hell if I am not mistaken. In order to be on the positive end of the boomerang that is reciprocity your actions and concern for others must come from a genuine place. Even then that isn’t enough; you must do for others and not expect anything in return. By you not expecting anything in return your receive gold from the universe.

The gold that is thrust on you is done in the same manner, with no intention. It’s the majestic’s way of restoring the energy that you expended and enriching in the process. It is done because the architect sees that you are pure in spirit in a world of deception. Those that are flawed in character but pure in spirit are simply obedient facilitators that help the master provide balance. On the other side of the game whenever you do something with selfish motivations at heart you never receive what you want. By your intention being flawed the energy behind is flawed as well. Simple mathematics really. When you send that flawed selfish energy out guess what comes back to you? Arsenic. Sending out flawed energy also opens you up to various unseen forms of havoc and chaos.

You see this with your average hustler. They sell despair and what do they receive in return? A myriad of negative emotions that torment their conscious even after they leave the lifestyle. When actions are pure you receive protection from the negative yet necessary aspects of creation. That’ s basically what the Laws of MAAT and the ten commandments are all about. They are the laws of good karma that act as a force field to the darkness. A king’s action are subject to the law of featherprocity more than others because he has knowledge of self. Can you throw your heart on the scale right now? If not you got some growing to do. Stay Regal

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