F**k A Chicken Parmesan

It’s that golden time of the week where I defecate on a new fast food sandwich being pushed on the masses. This week’s toilet is brought to by Burger King and this insult to my taste buds. Chicken Parmesan, really? So you put tomato sauce and a slice of cheese on a semi fancy sandwich roll? B***h please. I could have made this S***t at the crib and saved myself the gas and agony of dealing with a confused drive through clerk that f***ked my order up twice. As a result of this recent insult, I have begun my jihad on fast food chicken sandwiches. I’m going to get my bread up to pay a lobbyist to go to Capitol Hill and bribe the house speaker to get these bulls**t sandwiches off of the menus sans Chick-Fila or however you spell it. You are Burger King not Chicken King. Stick to the flame broiled bovine. Rant Over. Carry on.

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