Flossing Fail: Your Window Exposed You


Random life occurrences have a way of showing you that the way most people present themselves is all folly. Once such instance I observed at a drive thru window recently; a mundane part of life yet necessary when you on your lazy s**t. Went to grab some grease and I noticed that the car in front of me was an s-type jaguar with used car dealer plates; I paid it no mind just laughed and shook my head. This woman wanted to stunt so bad that she went and got a car some somebody already ran into the ground just so she can say she got a jag. When it was time for her to order she had to open her car door to do so because the driver side window didn’t work. I damn near started crying. I know I am supposed to turn a blind eye to most people’s delusions but I folded when I saw that bullsh**t. This is not hate in the least bit; merely a reminder that sooner or later you will get exposed when your smoke machine fails. She spent all that money to floss but doesn’t have money to fix a window? I am so glad I burnt the wool over my eyes a long time ago. She had to do it two more time because it was a drive thru with two windows. Call me evil for laughing but cotdammit that made my night. I guarantee on that car lot there was a car that cost a hell of a lot less and would have been easier to maintain but oh no big ballin with the homies was her hobby. Cold part about it is she prolly was still making payments on the car; Jags are the kind of car where you got take them b***hes back to the dealership for an oil change. You know they prolly wanted a couple stacks to fix that window. Had she possessed foresight and put her ego to the side she wouldn’t be embarrassed publicly in hindsight. I don’t know why people are ashamed to live within their means. But what do I know after all? At the end of the day in her mind she still stuntin on you hoes. C’est La Vie.

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  • Jose

    LOL i see that all the time here back east. Rolling on a nice ride but can’t afford to maintain it so it slowly falls apart. When will these people ever learn.

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