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The path you walk as a man will rub off on your woman for better or worse. By you bettering yourself and stepping you life up it will inspire her to put forth her best effort in the relationship and her overall life. I have witnessed many women go on a downward spiral after dealing with dudes that aint about shit. Over time if you are on your game your woman will eventually start to sound like you. Her thought patterns mirror yours and in her eyes you can do no wrong. This golden zenith in relationships can only occur when you have demonstrated you are about your business to your partner. Women will always complain; it’s hardwired in their DNA and there is nothing you can do to stop that. But when you are operating on a king’s level you woman will begin to cut your food up for you in public and feed it to you no matter who is watching. If you haven’t experienced that part of the game you haven’t lived to put it simply.

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