Welfare Schmelfare, We need War!!

This message has been brought to you by the republican party. Apparently they feel more money needs to be pumped into the Pentagon because they put forth a bill that would cut welfare benefits by 11% and funnel that money into the country’s war chest. Can’t we try to fix the country’s problems first instead of playing world police; there is already an agency for that it’s called interpol.

Instead of putting forth bills that would help the american people out, they would rather find ways to keep our country in turmoil with the rest of the world.It’s bad enough our country can’t even solve its domestic issues but the powers that still insist on imperialism. Homelessness, joblessness and poverty are as american as apple pie nowadays. Add to the fact the morality and civility have gone out the window, the country is a powder keg one spark away from igniting.

The cost of everything is rising yet the average person’s wage remain the same. Bipolar gas prices make you not even want to drive and public transportation ain’t no better. And who gets the blame for the layer cake of fail you guessed it the president; even though he inherited the majority of these problems from the previous administration. However in light of all of this nonsense the republicans still want to play politics as usual because their pockets aren’t hurting like the average americans.

Once a person is removed from the struggle they could care less about the next man’s plight in this journey of life. As long as we got money to impose our will on other country’s we are good. This is the mindset of the “elected” officials in power Stop relying on the government to have your well being at heart because time and time again they have shown you your nothing more than human capital nothing more nothing less and your are expendable.

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