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I was bangin this Mac Mall song for the thousandth time the other day alone in my thoughts and came to the realization that me building a kingdom is simply me tryin to get right. Every endeavor in this life at its most basic level involves improvement of a deficiency in some shape or form. The kingdom is being built to alleviate the lack of purpose and power and when that is complete I will be searching for something else to correct. People torture themselves in fitness clubs and at home with extreme workouts because they need to correct the neglect they have shown to their bodies over decades. Other people such as myself enjoy such torture because of the feeling of not being in top physical condition and damn near killing myself each and every workout.

Relationship junkies bounce from situation to situation because the situations suck the life out of them but are in love with the butterflies that happen through the first six months. They go through these situations as long as their fun and bounce when its time to put the work in to make it last. The church house is standing room only each and every Sunday because people are looking for an escape and someone to tell them that they are better than people who don’t attend because they are “saved”. They don’t know no better and think that by sponsoring the pastor’s Bentley that it is somehow going to get them right with God. The drug addict is stealin construction materials from work sites so he can get a lil piece of get right so that he doesn’t get sick from withdrawal.

Women with low self worth and esteem dance naked in front of strangers so they can get the attention they lacked growing up and regain the power they lost through sexual abuse. In their eyes they are getting right because they are getting paid for the pain and innocence they lost at a young age. The brother on his knees at the mosque deep in prayer is trying to correct the destruction he caused in his neighborhood by destroying the evil in his spirit. The pop warner coach is trying to correct another mans shortcomings by being a role model to boys whose fathers weren’t up to the task at hand.

The young brother with his head buried in the school books knows that if he gets right his momma doesn’t have to work 3 jobs no more. He also knows that his lil sister will sleep good at night because the rats in the wall won’t be in the new house he builds for his family. I often wonder why people talk bad about those trying to get right and wont lift a finger to help them. Then I realize its because they don’t stop to think that things could be a hell of a lot better if they worked on correcting their lives constructively. In the end the king has to get right because if things stay wrong the kingdom built will only last his lifetime. History’s pages don’t celebrate the half asses and the short sighted. C’est La Vie.

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