” Police in Montgomery County are investigating a homicide in Aspen Hill. They first got a call of a shooting around 10:30 pm Wednesday on Grenoble Drive. Detectives found a man shot at the scene. He was rushed to the hospital but died early Thursday morning. Investigators are still trying to figure out what led to the shooting.”

The other side of the game that most people downplay. The person that died was my ex girlfriend’s brother. I met him a couple times and he was a cool dude; may he rest in peace. He was at a halfway house trying to address his drug problem and he ends up losing his life over God knows what. A number of different scenarios cross my mind as to what led to his demise. I am not gonna speculate tho because I wasn’t there and out of respect for the family. His life was cut short and demons are directly responsible for them. If he didn’t have a drug problem he wouldn’t have been at the house in the first place. Imagine trying to clean your life up and still losing the battle. This life discourages me sometimes; there are no clean breaks. People often like to glorify the game as the be all end all of urban chic. In actuality it is far from the depictions on the movie screens and in tv scenes. Addiction gets you coming or going. This is the other side of the party lifestyle no one talks about when emphasizing getting wasted. When addiction progresses it consumes a persons entire being and getting high aint fun no more, it becomes a necessity for sanity and homeostasis. Dude battled his demons and he they still took him under even when he wanted to change. Everybody has somebody in their family that never quite got right and ended up on the user side of the game. In this day and age with all the resources and help available the demons still are robbing people of their lives wholesale. I can’t begin to imagine the pain his mother is feeling right now. Nobody wants to bury their child; it is supposed to be the other way around. Keep thinking that monkey won’t rob you of your life. Here is undeniable proof that it will take you out if it has the opportunity to. May he rest with angels and finally find the peace he was looking for on earth.

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