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In this day and age it is hard not to leave a digital or paper trail. And with people volunteering all their personal information for social networking, personal privacy is becoming a thing of the past. I for the life of me still do not completely understand the addiction to letting the world know all of your business. Yet people are getting into fights and dying over this nonsense. A couple of months ago an individual named Rosemo700 lost his life due to twitter. I am not a judge or jury but it is what is. People’s houses are being burglarized because of status updates and dumbass criminals are doing the feds job for them by posting pics with money and drugs. Not to mention that they are showing there faces and bragging.

It’s a sad state of affairs; bitchassness is running rampant. With all that being said, these are only surface issues we are dealing with. However there is a more covert objective to this medium, information gathering. The federal government has a vested interest in facebook. With millions of people volunteering their innermost thoughts and feelings they are documenting their vulnerability and the things that control them. In other words the feds are James Bond and we are the villain that reveals their plan when they feel like victory is in their reach. You have seen James Bond and you have seen how idiotic the villain looks right? Hate to break it to you but if you volunteer your personal info, thats how you look to the powers that be.

If you know a person’s motivations, its a hell of alot easier to manipulate and exploit the person to your benefit. The DHS is keeping tabs on you. They troll blogs, forums and social networking sites on the regular and there’s a name for this program. It’s called “Operation Sockpuppet”. For those that don’t know what a troll is; A troll is a person that tries to invoke a certain reaction from a person on a topic to gauge the personality of a person and how to push their buttons. You are probably asking yourself well why would they do that? Well the answer is simple; You destroy the stronger individuals and the weaker ones with no mind of their own can be culled with no resistance.

I read a little while ago that average citizens are being considered as terrorist if they have more than one week’s worth of food. If you have a stockpile of food the feds will run up in your shit and demand records to who is contributing to the stockpile asking for names, addresses and receipts. This allegedly has already happened to a mormon organization. They story has been recanted however probably due to intimidation by you know who. I suggest you start to develop a survival kit and pay for it in cash. It will save your life. Society is slowly turning into 1984 day by day. You need to have your wits about you.

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