You ever notice when you go to the grocery store you always end up spending more than what you expected? Well you are not alone; peep game. Grobbery is a Grocery robbery performed by the store owners. It is done in a very slick way. Many times when items are place on sale and you see the sticker, the prices aren’t changed in the system. When you go to check out if you aren’t careful you pay full price for something that was supposed to be on sale. This has happened to me on numerous occasions. If you don’t pay attention they will get you. The cashier doesn’t know no better and they don’t care really cause it’s not their money. People think coupons help them save but in actuality you are not saving as much as you think you are. Most coupons don’t ring up for their perceived value and most grocery stores have policies that limit the face value they will honor. Another slick way they get you is by not putting the sales stickers where they are supposed to be. Numerous times I have gotten the sales papers and went to the store to look for that exact item and it wasn’t on sale. Some stores even go as far to rip the stickers off of the shelf to expose the original price. I have seen this done repeatedly especially when it comes to frozen dinners. Some grocery stores will have the 5 for 10 or 3 for 5. But when you get to the register they are still full price. I have had to speak to managers in various stores because of this issue on more than one occasion. This has led me to believe that this is common practice in this industry. Once or twice I will give them that as a mistake; once or twice a month that is by design. Imagine how much extra revenue they generate by things as small as this. If I had to guesstimate probably in the millions annually. This isn’t just one particular chain it is all of the major ones in my area. From my understanding of the grocery game they get a percentage of whatever is on their shelves. What better way is their to increase their revenue than by manipulating prices in their databases to help their bottom line? Imagine how may people they get on the average day with something as slick as that. If you aren’t careful, they probably have got you a time or two. Like anything, people do what you allow them to. Always check your receipts and never let that shit slide. Stay regal.

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