In this life we know growth is an essential part of making your transition to wearing that crown with pizzazz. It often involves making tough decisions and removing certain people from your life that were just taking up space and providing nothing but negativity. The hard part about growth is admitting your own shortcomings as a man and admitting you aren’t perfect. As a man your ego won’t allow you to display your vulnerability to the world. You are required to display this wall of strength even when certain situations scar you emotionally. You must address these things in order to truly conquer yourself and grow into the king you see yourself as. Many men reach success in various but are unable to truly enjoy it because their past haunts them. As a man you have feelings but are unable to vent properly because it is viewed in one of two ways; anger or weakness. In order for growth to take place you have to remove these old ghosts. How can new habits and strengths take root if there is simply no room for them in your mind? For every one negative pattern your remove you give room for two positive ones. Negativity is draining; growth requires a tremendous amount of effort on your part and that is the principle reason why most rarely attempt to tackle the scars of their past. By removing the mental scars you are allowing yourself new king tissue to develop and your aura to radiate a new and healthy hue. Sometimes negativity is so ingrained in a person that you can see it on them before they even open their mouth. Growth can only occur if you are mentally prepared for another life. Leave the dead where it is. Growth is not only kingly it is Godly. Stay Regal.

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