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There was once was a man that came from humbles beginnings. He had to work hard and fight for everything he had in his life. People laughed at him when he was growing up because he was poor. 20 years later he gained the last laugh. Years of hard work, determination and heartaches afforded him luxuries that the average person couldn’t afford. He lived a life that few will ever experience on this plane of existence. He wanted to be a role model for people around his old way. He didn’t want to leave his neighborhood because that’s what made him the man he was. Some would call him crazy but to the initiated they would call him real. He was monument in his hood and continued to build his kingdom in the roughest jungle.

One of his spoils from the harvest was a Continental GT that he floated around the streets in. However there was a problem. He had been the victim of two attempted robberies of not only the ride but his life. Each time he barely got away. He continued to ride his GT in spite of these circumstances. But over time he let his guard down and began getting careless again. Summertime was in full swing and he got the ride detailed for a night of riding tryin to find some broads to knock down. He was in luck; he came across this light skin Jessica Rabbit shaped creation that gave him rhythm. They swapped numbers and parted ways. He had been thinking bout ravaging this woman for days before he actually called her.

He called her and they set up a date for the following day. He went to the mall and got fresh. He hollered at his barber and got the razor line and the beard groomed. Everything was a go on his end and he was shining. He called ole girl up and all of a sudden she changed the meeting spot and told him to meet her at a gas station because she needed to get gas. He thought nothing of it at first and he agreed. On the way over there this strange feeling came over him. Something bout the situation was sitting right with him but he was thinking bout that nut so he went anyway. When he gets there he sees shorty and she look better than she did last time. She smiles and says pull round to other side and wait for her. His perverted thoughts were interrupted by something he saw out the corner of his eye.

He saw an all black Impala with 6 n***as in it at the edge of the parking lot. When he parked they got and walked over to his car and started trying to talk to him to make him drop his guard. Man this ish tight one of em said to him amongst other generic convo. While they were trying to distract him he noticed one of them walking away from his view. He glanced over to his passenger side mirror and saw him reappear and try to open the door. Then fear swept over him; he knew what it was. The broad set him up. He pulled off with the quickness. He got to the light and he seen the black impala in his rearview and reached for his tone ready and waiting. But then he said f**k it and ran the red light and kept goin. The Impala was close behind. He ran thru six red lights prayin the whole time that he doesn’t get hit.

When he got the first exit for the highway he banged that corner and started doin 130. The Impala qucikly started fading away in the rearview. He took the first exit he knew and hit the side streets. When he stopped the adrenaline overcame him and his whole body shook nonstop for 5 minutes. Ole girl called him and asked what happened to him and he screamed b***h you knew what happened if I ever see you again I’m a kill you. She hung the phone up and he called right back. When he did it said the number was disconnected. I wish I could say this story was fake but it’s true. I heard it through the grapevine aka the n***a net. Always remember not everyone is gonna celebrate your success with you. Some people will want to take your life because of what you have accomplished for no reason at all. The crown is heavy at times but the king this story was about still didn’t take his off in the face of death. People will always challenge the crown when you least expect it. This s**t aint for the weak hearted. You have been warned

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