No Happy Faces

The train is a microcosm of society. All walks of life come in contact with one another on a daily basis if only for a short time. The one thing they all have in common is the lack of happiness on their faces. From the poverty stricken to the well to do they all have faces filled with worry and sorrow. The only happy faces are children, tourists and people coming back from the game in which their team won. I never really paid attention to it until recently. The last couple of time I rode the train everyone was in somber mood; either goin to a job they hate but have to work or going home defeated and all the energy they have drained. They bought into the lie that being a servant in someone else’s kingdom is the key to their personal happiness. Security, stability and predictability lose its gloss when you start to realize you are spending your best years doing absolutely nothing but toiling just maintain a certain lifestyle. The lifestyle isn’t filled with leisure, luxury or freedom at all; it’s filled with redundancy and stagnation.

This is the side of the coin people tend to ignore when trying to convince the young that going to work is the key to happiness. You can’t really blame them tho. They have never owned a kingdom so how would they know what that type of happiness is like? When I am going through the trials and tribulations of building my kingdom I often forget my sorrow and suffering has a purpose. It also temporary as well. Once you get to the top a mountain the pain, suffering and sacrifice needed to get there look like ants from the summit. People have been tellin me I am crazy lately and they are probably right. When you are at the base of a mountain the person standing at the top it is an ant to those in the valley. The short term pain and suffering a king must endure is easy compared to living with the agony of an unfulfilled life. I am slowly seeing the summit, the person at the top aint an ant no more; he’s a centipede now. A kingdom is the only remedy for the disease of mediocrity and obscurity. Stay Regal.

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  • Miles

    “There ain’t no withdrawal without deposit.” I don’t know where I heard that at but it stuck with me ever since I did. Being real for a moment, I’ve seen that same look not just on trains but at the job itself; it’s like we’re trying to compensate for the fact that we KNOW this is BS but because there’s no clear pathway to owning oneself we refuse to try.

    Being realer, I went to cop a new music keyboard on Saturday (wasn’t expensive, only like $75 but a couple days later took it back to the store for a refund. Why? Because the thought hit me that while I was at home making half-assed beats on the computer I could’ve invested that cheese into product for an online store. So I did. Whether or not it pans out is irrelevant; I set a precedent as now I’m investing in myself and that money can’t be more well spent.

    So as I head into the plantation today I’m going to have a smile on my face because I know I’m doing something that the majority of people there won’t ever do–take a chance on myself.

    • kingj

      Congrats on takin the first step king. Slow progress in the right direction is betta than none always.

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