The Hatrix

The Hatrix is powerful network of close minded people that are proud of being asleep and being ignorant. When you talk of progress and uplifting them out of their mental slumber you are causing a disturbance in the hatrix. The hatrix is as old as time itself. When you unplug from the negativity and focus on the positive power in yourself they send out their agents to try to suck you back in.

The hatrix lulls its occupants into a false sense of security because of the sheer number of people it feeds off of. The sad part about it is the very people that were your allies when you were locked in will be the very ones that will try to destroy when you unplug. They know your secrets and weaknesses and your favorite haunts where you are most vulnerable. When you unlock everything in your being will change from the look in your eyes down to the helix in your DNA.

It’s not easy to break free from it because of the sheer number of its agents you encounter every step of the way on your journey to the throne. The hatrix has a stranglehold on the hood. Every time someone unplugs and leaves the familiar they call him a sellout or say he wasn’t really real to begin with because he left them in hell. This flawed logic is a programming of the mind through various images and outdated dogmas that are updated for each new generation to keep the majority of the population feeding the hatrix vital energy.

If all the feeders would unplug en mass the hatrix would crumble. The main way to keep people plugged in is to blind them with instant gratification and feeding their carnal urges. Train them to hate progress and applaud self destructive behavior. This is why many brothers are look at going to prison as a badge of honor but when you ask them to examine their self destructive behavior they are ready to put the beats on you. The hartix’s strength is growing exponentially by the day.

People that are slaves to the network are reproducing and raising more food for it. Unplugging from the hatrix is vital for a King’s survival. You will be lonely when you unplug because there are very few people that reach the heights of manifesting the higher parts of their being. The hatrix needs you in order for it to survive but why would you want something as dubious as this to thrive on for future generations to be enslaved to? Get free kings, Get free!

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