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Greetings gangstas, gentleman and kings in the making. My name is King J and this my corner of cyberspace. As i have come of age, I have noticed that many men lack direction, foresight, ambition and purpose. They seem to be floating aimlessly through life not sure of themselves or of their ability to transform and transcend their current situations in life. The purpose of this blog is to transform ordinary men into the kings of their domain no matter their walk of life. A lofty goal I know but anything is possible. Not too long ago I was like the men i previously described. I was floating through life with no worries care free and full of excuses and a “it can wait ” attitude. I was happy gettin by with the bare minimum and not striving for excellence. In other words I was merry bein mediocre. Life was one big party; as long as i had weed and my homies you could miss me with all that other bullshit.  Truth be told that was one the best times of my life. We often would sit around have deep meaningful conversations when we were smacked on the dro of the week. We would come up with all these brilliant ideas but lacked the know how and self belief to see them to completion.

After coming up with these ideas we would find reasons why we couldn’t do them or just simply be too high to remember them. I went through this for years and years. Then one day i woke up and my perception of life changed. I went to use the bathroom like i normally do in the am and i began to wash my hands. When i began to wash my hands, I looked at myself in the mirror. I saw something that I had never saw before, the damage I had done to myself. Years of heavy smoking had began to catch up with me. I had dark circles under my eyes even tho i felt well rested, my lips were burgundy with hard skin on them and my fingernails had a yellowish hue from holding too many roaches. I stunk literally. The smell of cigarettes and weed was deep in my hair and clothing. I promised myself that if I would stop before I got to that point but it was too late, I burnt out. I never saw it coming; I felt defeated and unhappy. I sat for hours pondering how I lost my way. I had no real prospects to look forward to. i was working a bullshit job, living in my moms basement and blowing money on dumb shit.

Fast forward 2 years and many bumps and bruises later I am a better man. I’m far from where i need be in life but I know i’m headed in the right direction. I do not have things figured all the way out and I don’t claim to. One things for sure, every day i rise closer and closer to my goal. This blog is a place for me to express my masculinity, views on life, aspirations and to help redefine the definition of masculinity. We brothas are more than drug dealers, armed robbers and shuck and jivers. We are men denied the right to express our masculinity. Without constructive outlets or financial opportunities, our warrior instinct overcomes the pharoahs that dwell inside of us.

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