Hurts Me Soul

Surprise surprise, the smear campaign has worked wonders against Nate Parker and his effort to show black people overcoming the odds without a white hero. At this point in the game I don’t ever wanna hear any tired narrative about blacks not being shown in a positive light again. Here you have a movie about a slave revolt and the majority of black folks havent gone to support it or fell for the smear campaign. 

It points to a larger problem within our community. Black people so use to losing in life they don’t feel comfortable with seeing a black victor on screen. It fucks with the programming we have subjected to since our alleged freedom from oppression. We have no problem supporting Empire and reality shows with dysfunction on full display.

 When it comes to media where we overcome the odds without white people’s help everything but the actual product is scrutinized. “What did the director eat for dinner last night?  A burger? Those poor innocent cows didn’t deserve that fate. I can’t support the film because he eats cows.” They use whatever logic they can as to why they can’t support black progress in any form. 

Here you have a film that wouldn’t have seen the light of day if the brother didn’t take it upon himself to fund it. It is a story that needs to be told yet the whitewashing of the black psyche won’t let the work stand on its own. Yeah yeah yeah, I know we aren’t a monolith; we are in every walk of life with varied life experiences. The one thing we all understand though is how hard it is to be black and to pull something off of this magnitude. 

When Kanye was yelling at Sway we all thought it was funny hell. Very few actually listened to what he said. Many of us a defeatist attitude that had been to ingrained in us since birth from generations prior. “If I can’t be great let me tell why your black ass can’t be great either. Never mind my transgressions and fuck ups you doing too much and got too much ambition. Sit your simple ass down and tow the line.” 

Unless we are in sports arenas, prison cellblocks or news headlines any idea of black superiority is laughed at, ridiculed and dismissed as extremism. I guess the majority of black america is OK with being the permanent underclass. As long as we have symbolic pyhrric victories like South by Southlawn black zombies will remain in their slumber. 

Ive come to the realization that most black people don’t want to be black and distance themselves from anything that reminds them of their blackness. It hurts me soul that the majority would rather beg for scraps than rob the pantry and deep freezer. We are starving for acceptance; why? Keep on whining and complaining; it ain’t got us nowhere. According to black leadership thats all we need; dialogue and black figureheads.. It hurts me soul….

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