Identity Crisis

Whether women want to admit or not their identity is tied into their manes.  As shallow and as sad as it is it’s true. Many of them hate what God has chosen to give them this go round.  They claim they are God loving people but despise his craftsmanship. They look in the mirror and see flaws instead of uniqueness and individuality. The fact that they are living  in a western world where European features are idolized doesn’t help matters at all. Then they have to deal with these nagas that have skewered ideas about what beauty is. Then on top of that deal with the lunacy of manuvering inter gender relationships and with women who think they are reality tv starlets. With that being said the average melanin rich man has a herculean feat on his hands. As man it is your job to not only lead but mold the right woman so that she is worthy of the throne seated next to yours.

One thing I use to watch when I was single let me know a woman’s self esteem level and her overall thought process; how often she changed her hair style. Maintenance is understandable but a new hairstyle every week should set off all kinds of red flags. If she gets a new style every week it shows that she is frivolous with her money and will be the same way with yours. Many men over look that simple truth and just think she is doing what bad broads do. I have seen plenty of situations where dudes wife these women and their credit gets f**ked up because she opening all types of credit cards and accounts with stores buying useless sh**. It also means that she is extremely impulsive. The only area of a relationship that impulsiveness is useful is in sexual encounters.

If she is always on a whim that means she is more likely to cheat on you because she is guided by impulse not rationality. Regardless of the whole women are emotional creatures schtick they are very rational when it comes to survival. That’s why security is big to them. Impulsive behavior displays that they are still little girls mentally and have yet to blossom into grown woman status and take their time in their decision making process. Another reason why I used that activity as a measuring stick is that if a person is constantly changing their appearance they are searching for an identity. God designed each person with their own uniqueness ie identity. When a person is searching for themselves outside of their being they have low opinion of their essence. Why search for what you already have?

If a woman is searching for herself when she decides to change her identity she will leave your were she left it. You will have no purpose in her life because you no longer are compatible with how she views her self. You see it all the time when a woman decides to stop slutting she cuts off the dudes that dicked her down on the reg and starts cozying up to L7’s. When a person is searching for an identity they are in a very vulnerable state. A prime example of this is pimps finding prospects at the bus station. Women get on a bus and go to some big city with their head full of dreams hoping to carve a new identity out for themselves. The pimp then sells that illusion to them and as a result most tracks are only a couple blocks away from the bus stations in most cities.

 When searching for an identity most people will believe the first thing someone tells them that sounds remotely plausible. As a man you can only deal with so much irrationality in one woman. Women with low self esteem are only good for sex and ego stroking. If she has low self esteem she will constantly try to break you down mentally until you are just as broken and disjointed as she is. Remember this when building a roster or picking a queen. I didn’t tell you this to manipulate women in the least bit. I told you this to make your life easier. If you use it for the former you are suffering from an identity crisis yourself. Stay Regal… 

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