I was working on a project with the head trustee (manager) and was shooting the s**t while doing so. Had conversations about various things but this one part of it stuck with me. She said she wasn’t feeling to well and didn’t know what was wrong and I joked and said it was this place. She said you might be right and laughed. I then asked her how could you work at this place for so long because she told me she been working here since 1992. She said after awhile you just become immune to the bulls**t and coming into work doesn’t bother you as much.

Mind you the majority of the time she worked here she held down another job elsewhere. I don’t think I could get immune to constantly being at work all the time but apparently it is possible. She said she use to hate it when she was younger but now its just part of the routine. She said she was tired of it but people don’t want her to leave and she is ready to go. I told to kick rocks and she laughed hard and the convo went elsewhere. I always use to wonder how someone could do something that they hated for so long and be ok with it. I now have my answer. If there is one thing that is definitely a gift from God it is the ability to cope and adapt to a f**ked up situation. This explains how a person can stay in a s***ty situation and be ok with it.

Battered wife syndrome must operate out of the same part of the brain because it’s basically the same mind state just different circumstances. I guess its some prehistoric part of the brain that had helped humanity survive and persevere for so long. It somehow makes the terrible bearable, not only bearable but normal. It also explains how people can get use to poverty and a whole host of other deplorable things. Just another observation from the shadows. Stay regal.

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