Jedi Mind F**k: Be The Bigger Person

We have all heard it. When someone sees that an individual did you dirty they always say be the bigger person. They always look for ways to keep you from goin off because they know you will black out on said person. Sometimes the person that tells you that is the one that did you dirty. They do it so they can talk their sh**t with out having to hear yours. They feelin all great cuz they got it off their chest but you still a big ball of anger. They know they are wrong for that sh** and are basically admitting to their fault but they don’t want to be subject to what they administer. These bigger person people are normally cowards or an ignant a** female that like to pop s**t and then tell you to be a man and don’t complain. This mind f**k is of epic proportions. If you don’t check a person on their reckless a** flaps they will not take it as you being a bigger person they will take it as you bein a b***h.

That is a slippery slope to be on my friends. No respect always leads to some form abuse whether physical or emotional. Once that line is crossed there is no going back kemosabe. There is a line between expressing your frustration and whining. People in general are hypersensitive and think with their feminine minds. To combat these clowns smug sense of gaining the upper hand you must give them the look of death. Look deeply into their eyes and stare into their soul and communicate with their inner b***h. Express to them without words that will rob them of their lives if they cross you again. After all you can’t get locked up for a stare. If this is done effectively you will never hear or see from them again. If you do encounter them again they will be on their best behavior. Chess Baby….100

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