Keep On Keepin On

There are moments in life when our efforts just seem flat out futile. Nothing seems to be going right. The daily grind just feels stagnant and stale. Seeing the same ol faces up to the same ol shit can be depressing. You have moments when you doubt if what you doing with your life is worth it. How can one build a kingdom is your soul is feeling defeated by your surroundings? I wish there was an easy answer to the emotions but there isn’t.

Many people’s lives are filled with tragic circumstances that make it hard to focus on the positive that life may have. Add the current economic climate to the mix and your have millions of people at the end of their ropes. The cost of everything is going up for no damn reason other than corporate greed; I guess the powers that be need a new vacation home. Nevermind that the majority of the average person’s check goes to paying bills hanging over their head. Just when you feel like getting a handle on things they decide to tighten the noose around your neck even tighter. I can no longer take this system of individuality and every man for himself.

My brain will not allow me to separate my struggles from that of the overwhelming population on planet earth. When will people wake up and realize we are all connected to another through a collective consciousness that is hurting because the planet is hurting. We are connected to the planet whether we like it or not. God chose to breathe life into our beings on this plane of existence. It is only right we take care of what he took time to create for us to experience life.

Our spirit is hurting. I see many unhappy people just going through the motions of life with an emptiness in their eyes. They use material things to mask this emptiness in the pursuit of so called man made happiness. It’s a damn shame a person’s worth is based on how much stuff they accumulate. How is my life better because I have an Ipad? The same problems still exist after my purchase and I’m a hell of alot broker now. In order to keep your sanity you have to separate yourself from this crazy world we live in. Some days I just let my mind wander to the far reaches of the universe and I wonder if other intelligent life forms experience the spiritual dilemmas we face daily and have they transcended them?

After all God’s creation have his essence flowing through them. How can our society be technological giants but spiritual midgets whereas ancestors of the past were more spiritually grounded with less? They gave us mathematics, astrology, sciences that modern scientist are just discovering. I hope the mayans were right because this nonsense needs to cease. I hope a new age will be ushered in that removes the wickedness from my home planet and restores peace and harmony. I understand the need for polarity but I feel the pendulum is shifting to the darkness entirely too much. We are being programmed to accept deviousness as the norm and it’s going against and destroying our spiritual base.

We are not evolving, we are devolving; going back to our primal lower nature and not elevating our consciousness to the higher parts of our being. Don’t listen to the lower parts of your spirit. You must transcend your existence far beyond your physical limitations. Your spirit is eternal and endless and can’t be confined to the negativity of this world. You must rise. God created you in order for him to experience the beauty of his mind. A human brain cell is designed after the cosmos; you must calm the chaos of your inner universe. Your are a human becoming a planet and eventually a star. Keep on keepin on your just getting started

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