Too Many Kids

Go ahead and call me a bad parent. Yes it 4:30 on a Sunday afternoon. Yes it is a show for kids and yes that is Grey Goose in my hand. This is the first time I been around some ish like this. These kids ain’t normal Chuck e Cheese hype they on some whole otha ish. The hustle scout in me however recognizes game whenever it presents itself. The theatre that this show is being held at is trump tight. First of all everything is cash only so if you aint know it you are a** out if you have to use the atm. They charge a $7 fee to use it; 12oz can sodas are $3 a pop and the drink I had I paid 1:30 saturday night prices for it. The tickets wouldve been $50 a pop if we aint use groupon. I thought about all the outrageous ish I use to ask my parents for and laughed to myself. I use to wonder why they use to say no; now I see why. They simply didn’t have it. There wasn’t no groupon or sites like that when I was being raised. They did the best with what they could and now that I’m older I see the sacrifices they made just to see a smile on my face.

The sad part is while I was there I still didn’t see too many beautiful black babies. Some of the parents there looked bored and didn’t act a fool with their kids like we were doing. You could tell the parents that really are involved with their children by how they were singing the songs and dancin with their kids. I use to wonder how people with privilege can come out so f***ed up and I see why now. Just because they have access to things doesn’t mean they were shown love or genuine concern in their upbringing. These people had money; everybody wasn’t their on a deal. Some paid full price for their seats but looked miserable and I am pretty sure their kids could feel it too. Money is a poor substitute for a parent’s love. I often get caught up in the paper chase and use my daughter as motivation in my mind. But if I am never there and just buy her s**t I would be depriving her of my love.

I never want her to feel that coldness from me. What I don’t give her she will look for in other places or take her anger out on people that don’t deserve it down the line. Observing this I don’t feel so bad about my libation after all. So here’s a toast to all the parents that give a s**t about their children. It’s because of yall there will still be good people on this cesspool of a planet. Without yall humanity is doomed. Thank yall for showing your kids love; you actually are making the world a better place. Cheers.

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