King’s Mantra

Rocks will be launched at the throne

In a sniper’s crosshairs will be your dome

Your name and image will be dragged through the mud

They don’t want your kingdom they want your blood

They wanna see you fold cuz they can’t soar

Pain and suffering they wish you to endure

What’s a king that doesn’t lead his army?

A dead man decapitated with his arms free

What separates Sadaam from Chaka Zulu?

A willingness to die surrender he refuses to

Be like Alexander in the jungle fighting elephants

Lavish as Mansa Musah with subtle elegance

Strategic as Hannibal crossing mountains

Relentess as Ponce De Leon chasing fountains

Study the sky like the Dogon Tribe

As deep as the ocean fish with oblong sides

Feel it comin before the pendulum shifts

Nurture and develop your psychic gifts

Annihilate suffering and injustice

Activate your inner God like substance

Shine like falling stardust

Monoatomic Gold will be buried with your carcass

Pyramids will be built in your image

You came to win they came to scrimmage

Kings make bricks the weak need sponsors

We don’t need your permission to build our rocket launchers

We laugh and spit in the face of adversity

And cut its circulation no need for a surgery

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