The kool aid man gives no f**ks about your building or insurance premiums. He is going to break through whatever obstacle is placed in front of him just because he wants to. You can never predict where he is going to show up or how much structural damage he is going to cause. Building owners tremble at thought of his presence. A king must function in the same manner. Unpredictability is one of the most valuable weapons in a king’s arsenal. It not only instills fear but it give you room to grow your kingdom through various avenues. When they can’t figure you out they can’t place you in a box. When they place you in a box they only expect a certain thing from you and when that thing you provide gets old and tired they move on to the next thing and your kingdom dries up.

By them not knowing what to expect you keep their attention longer and the longer you have their attention you sink into their subconscious mind. Once you reach that region in the brain they can’t get you out of their minds. Conquer their brains and eventually you conquer their hearts and when that happens your bust will be placed on a pedestal to be admired for eons. Books will be written about you to try and decipher you moves and motivations, hell they may even dig up your bones to see if you were some sort of alien time traveler because your were so ahead of your time. History only remember chaos. By you providing chaos in your time on this earth they will have no choice but to praise your name. The chaos I speak is not just limited to violence but the chaos of challenging the system and instilling fear in to the very people that administer it to the masses. Koolisma is the boldness and brash behavior of a man hellbent on building a kingdom that is just shy of God’s. Do you have it in you?

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