Lame Retardant


” You know how nagas be, when they aint workin they smoke reggie. As soon as they get a job all they get is pak.”

-Random hood naga

 I was at the barbershop gettin the hustle bush decapitated and another barber was talkin to his homie shootin the s**t. It’s funny to me that as soon as somebody gets some bills in they pocket all they can think to do with it is become a better customer. Instead of finding a way using it to free them from bondage they spend it on things that don’t really improve their quality of life.  Give me an independent life over a better high any day.  Shame most people don’t view the game the same way. They would rather squander it on creature comforts and then when things get thin they wonder why they aint progressin. The game is all twisted nowadays so I can’t really blame them for wanting to fit in. It’s cool to do lame s**t and call it real as long as you got other lames cosigning your f**kery. I blame the Similac that’s played on the airwaves lol. Naw seriously this s**t irks me though.Being a customer and a consumer is in vogue. Never in my life have I seen so many people caught up the hype.

If everybody’s a star who is goin to clean the toilets? If everybody’s a star who is going to teach the children what they really need to know about life? By everybody possessing this employee mentality it’s no wonder all our forms of creativity have been bought out or conquered. I’m not knocking the hustlers though for selling the illusion; that’s what they are supposed to. Everybody has a choice and it’s sad to me that very few possess the crumbs to bricks mentality. In order for the kingdom to manifest you must douse yourself in lame retardant. Your aura must be drenched in it. Lame thinking is like a wildfire; it devastates anything it comes in contact with. Easiest way to retard the lame around you is to not process the thought. Thoughts are like waves; strong at first then they subside. Your gonna hear the lames bask in all their lame glory talk about what type of pak they smoked and how deep their stable is among other things.  The urge to act like them is going to be strong at first but if you fight that first wave your indulgence in lameness will be retarded. You will start thinking about other ways to spend your time more wisely and look at these clowns for the suckas they are. Your life will not get better because you can smoke better; it will get better when you build better. God blessed the hustler because he will always have a customer goin in their pockets. If you wanna be a lame by all means go ahead. Don’t say aint nobody warn you. Deuces….


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