Lemon Lime

The brain is a tree responsible for producing thoughts and ideas that not only guarantee our survival but also help us prosper. However, brilliant ideas normally form in two groups, limes and lemons. Both grow on the same tree but the difference is the time allowed for them to mature. If the fruit is picked early it lives its short life as a lime. If left alone to mature it turns into a lemon.

Good ideas are the same way the key is to recognize which category the gem falls into. Some ideas need to be moved on as soon as possible in order to preserve the spirit of the vision. If not it progresses far past the vision and ends up sucking up valuable time and energy. Once that happens the vision is all but a memory and added to the graveyard of mental failures. On the other hand some things take time to ripen and for everything to click. But in our eagerness to bring them to life we rush hastily to make them materialize. In doing so all that can be produced is a premature incarnation of greatness not fully developed and as mighty as it should be.

One of the most important things in this life is recognition. The recognition I speak of is not empty praises from people that don’t matter. The recognition I praise is the power to recognize when it time to strike and when is time to let it mature and grow legs in and of itself. This is why many brilliant ideas never see the light of day and if they do they are poor versions of themselves. A king must possess discernment to when the fruit is right for the picking for his kingdom depends on it. Stay Regal.

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