Letter To My Unborn Child

Hey baby this is your daddy. I don’t know if your a boy or a girl yet but this is being written to let you know who your father was and what i stand for. I am simply a man that loved your mother dearly and wanted nothing more but to be a happy family. Me and your mother talked about you for years and we are both excited and can’t wait for you to get here. There is so much that we want for you. We can’t wait to see your face. Your are coming into existence to two very strong willed, determined people that never let life beat them up.

We know you will have the same strength and determination we possess. Life will try its best to destroy you and you can’t let it. Always keep listening to your inner voice and never believe people’s words until their actions match them. Never be rigid in your way of thinking because it is certain death. You will be truly happy in your life if you follow your passion and find a way to make it lucrative. Money isn’t happiness its freedom. Never mistake the difference between the two. People are only as honest as their intentions. People will only help you if it benefits them in some way. No one will make you rich or teach you how to be independent. You are much more valuable to them as an employee instead of being a competitor.

Racism is real and will exist until the poles shift and wash away civilizations. There are more small thinking people on earth that live their lives focused on petty differences instead of seeing the common link in us all. These people will try to make your life hell because they gave up on themselves along time ago. Never ever give up yourself. Pain and suffering are part of life but these emotions are needed to bring balance and polarity. If they didn’t exist happiness wouldn’t feel so good. Pour your heart and soul into your vision of life. Leave your mark in some way, shape or form. History remembers the brave.

You come from a long line of hustlers, landowners, business owners, even a french king. You are born royalty. If you are anything like me you will hate working under someone else with less intellect than you. You will be stubborn to a fault but give someone the shirt of your back. You are blessed with a wealth of spiritual knowledge that the kings of Egypt possessed. I will have your mother pass it down to you in the event of my demise. You will be able to see things before they come to pass if you develop your psychic ability from an early age. People will hate you for no other reason than your skin color. This current system is not designed for you to win. They only reward people of color for entertaining them whether it’s sports, music or drugs. Prison is the new plantation. Avoid drugs at all costs. They take years off of your life either by addiction or years in jail.

Racism exist no matter how high up the ladder you go. It will not be easy but you have to stay focused on your goals. Life has a way of putting your dreams on hold by throwing curve balls at any given moment; you have to adjust. Become familiar with the serenity prayer. It will make sense the older you get. When it comes to the matters of the heart. Give love to those that deserve. Physical attraction and sex cloud your judgement and help you over look serious things that are detrimental to you. Your body is sacred. Very few people deserve to enter into your temple. You will make mistakes in relationships while you are young. You are human and may fall in love with someone who will not be in love with you. If you are a man you must always lead the way for your spouse. Never take them for granted. True love is scarce, fake love is not and lust is in overabundance. Always look at your partner with love and treat them with respect. If you have to use violence for them to understand you, you don’t need to be with them.

Friends are merely seasons. Many of them will simply pass through your life and even fewer will grow old with you. You are the company you keep. Don’t fall for the illusion that is the fast life. There will be many spokespersons along your journey that will try to enroll you every chance they get. The things that matter in life are family, wisdom, piece of mind and foresight. God is real but religion is man made. They are merely piss poor imitations of the real religions of old kingdoms. They are no different than drug dealers. They sell a temporary escape from the realness of life. They very rarely develop and nurture the spiritual part of your being. That is your job alone. No one can save your soul but you. You are an adult once and a child twice. Make the most of your adult years. If I don’t make it just know I will be watching over you and taking care of you from the spirit realm. I wish you the best and remember your dad loved you more than life itself. I love you

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