Don’t Let Life Live You

Ever feel like life is living you and you aren’t living life? Many times plans, aspirations, hopes and dreams fall to the wayside because life has a way of throwing random obstacles at you to take you away from your dreams. We don’t notice it because we are to busy reacting to the obstacles instead of making them react to us. You have to take control of your destiny. We have to stop letting circumstance define the quality of your life.

Your time on this earth is limited; aren’t you tired of having to do without? You can’t expect others to see your vision for your life . They have their own list of setbacks of dealing with. How hard are you pursuing your dreams? Ain’t you tired of dreaming? Ain’t you tired of being surrounded by all these small thinking defeated people? They drain your energy and your enthusiasm. Shake yourself of them suckas. Change is Godly. Why are scared of the God in you dying to come out?

We are blessed with something that can change our life exponentially; yet we slave our best years away behind some desk doing meaningless work in the grand scheme of humanity. I have never seen so many dead living people in my life than in the workplace. Zombies with titles that want to suck the life out of you if you don’t subscribe to their way of outdated archaic thinking.

You are existing, surviving or living. No in between. Existing means you are just breathing air with no fight or passion in your life just accepting what life throws at you and not trying overcome the odds. Surviving means you know what you want out of life and actively doing something about it trying to overcome your struggles and making lemonade out of lemons until you get to where you want to be.

Living means you have made it according to your definition of success. You have endured the struggle, setbacks and heartache of living with self belief and willpower. People have tried to downplay and discourage you from your dreams yet you still made it and they are trying to discourage anybody that will listen. Now ask yourself which category do you fall in?. You existing, surviving or living?

Right now i’m surviving and loving every minute of the struggle because I know I’m on my to kingship. I hate it some days. Some days it will take every ounce of your fabric to overcome the self doubt and negative voices in the back of your brain. Yet through it all you come out stronger, wiser and more ruthless with balls of steel. Nothing is going to break me, I’m going to break whoeva or whateva stands in my way.

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