Light Bulb

light bulb

Over the past month or so I have been having conversations with friends and family about various areas of life. Most of the conversations are unrelated and mundane for the most part but I am slowly noticing that light bulbs are going off in peoples heads about the financial aspect of their lives. Many are starting to realize that they have been duped into lives of mediocrity because of listening to what society says is the way. My own mother after years of harping the square way of making money finally admitted to me that I was right about it all along. Kind of surreal that I came from her but viewed the same game with a different set of eyes. Even my pops with all the hustle bones in his body fell victim to the routine of comfort. Nowadays he harps education as the way but coming up the hustles kept food on the table, put my mother through law school and kept clothes on my back. Part of the reason I have a problem with the square way is because of him. I remember him coming back from West Virginia with cars from auctions and wads of money. Over time he mellowed out because survival wasn’t an issue any more. However he has realized he lost somethin. Truth be told he’s tired of the square life and always ask me if I remember the glory days like all old hustlers. One of my close friends is wrestling with comfort or independence. He got a good city government job but his heart aint in it. He is a monster on the grill and keeps toying with the idea of opening up a restaurant but he is scared of leaving his job because if it flops he won’t be able to support his family. I can’t really blame him but I relayed to him that if you don’t do it you gonna have them what if questions and eventually that unhappiness is gonna eat you up. I for one am glad that my folks are seeing them light bulbs goin off and realizing that aint the way. But the next step of action is what terrifies most people. My pops had right out the gate but he fell for the illusion. My mom realized that everything she has worked for can be taken by someone else if she falls behind on repaying her debts. My homie knows what he needs to do but he scared to jump over the cliff because he doesn’t know if his parachute will work. I wish I could tell you that light bulb is the be all end all but it is only the beginning. The light bulb comes on to show you the way but it’s up to you to bask in the light and flourish. Stay Regal.

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