Live Like Kings Die Like Men

In order to live like kings we must be prepared to die like men

Days of solitude and nights on end

The drudgery of perfection is necessary to transcend

In order to live like kings but die like men

You must murder the self doubt that causes your will to bend

Pain and suffering must morph into a cherished friend

Some bridges must be burned while some fences must be mend

In order to live like kings but die like men

Self acceptance frees you from the chains of the latest trend

Reliance of self is the invisible armor every king must befriend

The path to throne is teeming with serpents, wayward advice they lend

If you take it you will never be kings or die like men

Polar opposites tragedy and triumph cohesively blend

The pendulum is always the culprit my friend

Nirvana begins where agony ends

Once you live like kings and die like men

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