Lost N***a


I finally got around to seein this video for Gusto’s song Pirates and noticed this nonsense in it. He sittin in a Baphomet throne casually like that’s boss shit. Whoeva did the editing was slick about it cuz it’s peppered in the video for 1 to 2 second intervals.



Look closely at Exhibit A and notice that throne he is sitting in has a goat’s head; ask yourself what the hell does a goat headed throne have to do with the video in general? Absolutely nothing should be your answer. For those that don’t know Baphomet is a bastardized version of the name Mahomet which is the root for the modern day name Mohammed. Initially it was a pagan diety that represented balance of nature ie: male and female, night and day and any other opposing forces coexisting in the cosmos in harmony. It was until the nineteen century a very benign deity with no devilish undertones. Then the church of Satanism used it as a mascot for their fuckery and that is how it became synonymous with the occult to this day.

This idiot sitting in it is the epitome of a lost nigga. The video itself is very subpar and is nothing special. I highly doubt this fool is in the cabal but is merely doing it for shock value. They wanted to stir up controversy for this average ass video. If he is in to that fuckery more power to him. If that’s what helps him live his life and makes him feel he is part of some secret society let him have it. Is he overthrowing governments and putting his friends in power to control the natural resources of said region? Nope. Is he starting banks and manipulating financial markets? He is making songs about killing drug dealers and opening up chicken spots. Put your big picture lenses on and see it for what it is; a misdirection play to keep your mind occupied on shit that ain’t important. Once you see that, nothing will impede you kingdom’s progress. Stay regal

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