There is nothing worse than a man that doesn’t realize he’s lost. Lost in the game of life as well losing the game of life. I kind of feel sorry for them. One of my superiors at work fits into this category. One day he seen me on phone and told me he doesn’t want to see me on it. I then replied you can’t enforce a rule you break yourself.

He didn’t like that and he called me into his office. Once we were in there he said you seen me on my phone? I said yes numerous times. He said well I was looking for music on my phone to play. I said so how do you know that I wasn’t on my phone doing the same thing? He looked stuck because he knew he had no come back for that. He said the next time I see him on the phone to tell him that I see him.

I told him ok but we drifted onto other topics and I checked him on his picture taking. When I say picture taking I mean he literally pulls out the professional camera and takes pictures of people’s work area to use as evidence when the time comes to get rid of them. I said how do you expect people to respect you and what you are trying to do if they see you doing that? He had no answer for that. I told him that he was being counter productive.

You can’t talk all this looking out for each other bullshit if you heating up the grease to fry folks. Mind you this isn’t some high powered job that deals with national secrets. He’s lost in so many ways. He is an intelligent wise brother but his lopsided thinking has left him by the wayside. He has accomplished alot but with all his knowledge he still has to answer to somebody and in the grand scheme of things he is only one level higher than me in the pecking order.

His way of thinking and his pettiness has robbed him of his life. If he had the ability to see the bigger picture he could have gone way farther than the menial position he is in. But that’s life I guess many people are so lost that when some one tries to toss them a life preserver they would rather drown because they think they can tread water forever. A man’s ego is his own worst enemy and is the difference between life and death in this game we are in.

When a man has been lost for so long ass backwards turns into front and center. This why as king you can not stop halfway on the road and become content with your station. Before you know it you will become lost and the language on your map will become jibberish. Many times in life you wonder why certain people are stuck at the station there in. The answer is simple they are lost and don’t know how to be found. Keep rising Kings if you don’t you risk losing your life. Not a physical death but a living death. Imagine waking up in the morning and seeing a shell of what could have been.

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