The Lowest Price

In the heart of every hood stands a lowest price

A cheap gas station that looks like a club on warm summer nights

Might run across people you aint seen in some years

Pickin up some jacks to go with their liquor and their beers

People in line mad cuz they went up on the price of cigarillos

And Backwoods only come 5 in a pack now but they diggin in their bill folds

Main man walkin thru talking bout cds and dvds for the low

If I buy 3 on gp he’ll slide me two mo

One brother on the horn cussin out his weed man

Saying he takin too long you really don’t want this grand

Pipeheads outside tryin to sell stolen tools

The attendant yells from behind the glass you know the rules

Buckets banging gangsta rap from the mid 90’s

$20,000 rims on a ride that cost 9 g’s

Old clowns askin if they can pump your gas for a fee

Little niggas harass every new face for change that they see

Homey on the side got jerseys and kicks for sale

Spittin war stories bout how 1 snitch got the whole hood sent to jail

Crackin open Heinekens with the side of a lighter

Loud women on the way to the club talking bout pullin an all nighter

Undercovers walk up on you ask what’s goin on tonight

You can spot these fools a mile away they too clean cut and their look aint right

Just another glimpse of a day in the life

Smack dab in the middle is the monument that is the lowest price

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