Man Law: Everybody Aint Hip


Assumption: Just because you know how the game goes doesn’t mean everybody else does.

Experiment: A story was once relayed to me about monkeys on an island. It stated that if you put 100 monkeys on an island and teach them how to perform some task monkeys the world over would know how to do the same task inherently. Human beings not so much. Homo sapiens are actually quite dense and have to beat over the head repeatedly to grasp a concept or activity. Not only that we possess a little something called an ego and a trait called pride that makes tapping into the collective consciousness a Herculean feat. By possessing this arrogance warehouses of knowledge and the correct application of it are left to rot by the masses of humanity.

This is why secret societies were founded a long time ago. The wise of these civilizations realized the majority of people needed to be led and their egos would not let them apply the knowledge accordingly and without prejudice. More importantly the knowledge given to a select few was for the benefit of the whole and it was only bestowed upon the benevolent in spirit. Fast forward a few wars and centuries later and the simpletons gained control over the knowledge and primarily used it for their personal gain. After gaining this wisdom they did the ultimate jedi mind f**k and convinced the public that this knowledge was evil and wicked in nature. In doing so they made it so no one would want to learn this black magic. This same game is ran in countless industries and institutions the world over. People do their best to hide “trade” secrets from the public to make it look like they are performing some type of miracle.

When a king tries to impart wisdom upon the unworthy is merely an exercise in futility. For one their ego won’t allow them to accept uncommon knowledge because they are so use to things always coming with a caveat their mental wall is up. Secondly, when you bless them with it puts the ball in their court and they don’t want to dribble because they are scared of running the point. When a king takes it upon himself to conduct his own research and gain his own understanding of a concept or principle you automatically get inducted into the secret society of the temple of self. By you gaining this perspective you earn the upper hand and become able to manipulate just about any situation you please. The crown shines bright on those that pursue the light. King on.

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