Man Law: Banish Real N***a


At the local carryout picking up some grease and overheard this fool tryin to impress this bucket while eating his food. Originally started as background noise; paid it no mind till this fool let out a loud belch. Afterwards he laughed and said ” That’s a real n***a burp.” The bird brain broad wit him laughed and said you crazy. Couple of things about this nonsense. This whole real n***a proclamation is getting out of hand. People putting that moniker next to ignorant behavior more frequently than in the past. All detrimental activity one can be involved in is now considered real n***a s**t. Aint nothin real bout bein belligerent and displaying obnoxious behavior for the whole world to see. The very people that shout that are often the most anti real people you will ever meet. F**k being a real n***a be a real man. Handle business, stack your bread, take care of your family. Sad part about it dude that said it had to be all of 45 years old. Man f**k that I’m bring a bill to the floor. Kings we need to banish the term real n***a. From now on you hear somebody sayin that term smack the smug look off of their face. Distance yourself from these fools because they are brainwashed, lost in the sauce ass clowns. 2013 is the year of the real man.

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    people are so ignorant these days for even thinking that being a real N is going to get you respect. Like you I believe if you want to be respected then you need to do man things like work, raise and take care of your family. Instead they would much rather act obnoxiously thinking that this behaviour is acceptable when it really is not.

    As always my brothers we must act like kings and not like jesters!

    Great post king j

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