Man Law : Extra Aint Necessary

Many times in life when you see someone being extra in their craft it is to cover up a lack of substance. It is a diversionary tool to the untrained eye. Sorta like your ankle is hurting but someone pokes you with a needle to distract the pain. When they over hype what they are bout to tell you, you can almost guarantee they running that blowfish game. Blowing industrial strength hot air but when the air leaves what they actually deliver is the size of an ant’s shit. Yea that small.

They aren’t goin the extra mile to be the best, they are doing it because depth is absent. Extra is often displayed in people with over inflated egos unaware of their ailment. They think they can distract you by their theatrics but a king sees through the smokescreen almost instantly.

Extra also make the clueless egomaniac believe his own propaganda. Deep down they know they are terrified of the fact that someone might actually be better at their own game than them. They know it is only a matter of time before their competition starts taking food out of their mouth and fucking with their livelihood. So they will resort to being extra as a last stand to save their castle.

What they fail to realize is that the competition is slowly removing bricks from their foundation while they are blowfishing. A man of substance doesn’t need to resort to extra because his work speaks for itself. Remember substance always outweighs facade.

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