Man Law: A Lame Gonna Be A Lame


“A lame gonna be a lame and that’s one thing that change can’t change.”
The Kid Daytona

So often on the gauntlet to the kingdom you run across people that have a lot of money but no style or intuition. A sh**tload of money is no ordinary feat in the least bit and I am not downplaying or salt shaking at all. Most people that I run across in this thing have females running game on them and they are clueless about what type of chick they got on their arm. I run across doctors, lawyers and all types finance dudes and the majority of them fit into this mold. Their women are well taken care of but they always give off this slick choosing vibration when I start conversing with their husbands and be low key out of pocket but their dudes don’t even see it.

They don’t have the eye I guess; God bless the hood for giving me that vision. One hustler can always spot another hustler by default. Realness, presentation and mouthpiece stick out like a sore thumb in this wilderness we call life. They can’t see that their women look at them as a come up and are only there as long as they are comfortable. When the comfort level goes or the lameness becomes unbearable the fangs come out and these dudes get blindsided like a deer in the headlights.

I witnessed a lot of Sam Rothsteins get Gingered out here. Instead of them learning from it and steering clear of them Corvettes they go get a newer model with lower mileage and expect something different. I guess it’s just hardwired into some dudes DNA; God help them. That’s the beauty of life in a nutshell; something will always be missing. Wealthy dudes with no clue that money attracts sharks whether male or female; real dudes who cant catch a break but have the vision and just need that one opportunity to kick the door off the f***ing hinges. The game of breath has a dark sense of humor at times that only thick skinned can chuckle at. Stay Regal.

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