Man Law: Real Men Throw Fisticuffs

Get your knuckles busted chump. Wear that black eye with pride. Sip your food through a straw. Get beat within an inch of your life. Lose some teeth sucka. Guns should be used to protect your family when no other form of defense is suitable. Valuable life lessons are learned from thumping. If you can’t handle the repercussions of your mouth maybe you shouldn’t pop shit. A man is measured by the strength of his mind, the might of his fists and the courage in his heart. Enduring the humiliation of a loss and all the emotions that come with it is truly the only way to enjoy your masculinity and bask in the glory of victory. What’s unfortunate is that there are generations of men growing up and not fully experiencing this part of their masculinity because they are controlled by the feminine side of their nature. A fair one needs to be had more often because nowadays everybody is walkin around with pent up frustration and anger that can only be alleviated through the violent side of our nature. Sorry to be the bearer of truth. The cold part about it is the people you fight will likely end up being your best allies if you don’t kill each other. But you wouldn’t know that because you are too busy tryin to catch a body you pussy. Fuck what other people think about your scars, you earned them. Wear them with pride because that’s what men do.

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