Manna is the food the Israelites ate during their time in the desert on the way to the promise land. It helped them survive the unknown that lied before them. The pic above is a king’s manna. In order to survive the deserts of life this will be the only thing that will guarantee it. Not a hope and a dream, not a negro spiritual this and this only. This is the only thing that doesn’t care about your race or personal preferences. People that despise your skin will give you water when your thirsty if you possess this. This represents the life force itself as well as the manifestation of divine thought. How can manna be evil if it guarantees survival? People that lack this manna perish and leave their children with memories of what can happen without it. I came across this 20 that had blood on it when I was counting a stack and I began to ponder. Who lost their life over this and who was desperate enough to kill for it? This bill probably past through thousands of hands before it reached mine. It bothered me because it showed the true essence of humanity.

People are killing God’s creations for self preservation. All manna is made with blood in the mixture. Someone died, got taken advantage of or worked for slave wages just for manna. The righteous will use it for its intended purpose; survival. They will never take too much of it because they realize all people are God’s chosen people. God chose to create them to have dominion over all things and denying them sustenance is an abomination of the highest kind. This is how a man’s nature is judged. When a man is in accordance with the God in his spirit you will see it displayed through manna. The wicked have mind f**ked the masses to believe sustenance is evil so they can hoard it for themselves. Manna that the Israelites ate was a fine powder that was compressed in to cakes. The powder that is concentrated effort will make cakes of Manna manifest before your very eyes. But like the Israelites you will have to get up each and every morning with one thought in mind; making it through the wilderness to the promised land.

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