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This is quick write up on Robert Greene’s latest work Mastery. It is much in the same vein of his previous works such 48 Laws of Power and 33 Strategies of War. This book studies the masters of past and present in their respective fields such as Mozart, John Coltrane etc. He spent time studying the lives of these masters and notice emerging patterns that allow them to reach heights unparalleled. One of his essential themes is that all masters undergo an apprenticeship of some sort which normally lasts from 7-10 years. He expands on the Malcolm Gladwell maxim that 10,000 of practice will make you one bad mf. He states that 20,000 hours of dedication to a particular craft will make you a master. The pattern of the masters usually follows this format. They find a passion, pursue an apprenticeship and when it’s their time they take the sum of their experiences, training and passion and create something so prolific that the pages of history remember their name. Overall it is a good read that will definitely make you look at the drudgery of building your legacy in a different light. I definitely would recommend this to the crown makers. Get that mental exercise your brain will thank you for it.

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