Matching Energies

I was getting ready to go and celebrate my friend getting married this past weekend and this kinda was made glaring by an interaction between one of his friends and his wife. We all went over to his friends house to pick him to go celebrate his bday and my friend getting married. We all in his house kickin back sippin ciroc chillin and me being the observer I am noticed the disconnect between homie and his wife. Come to find out she went to the same school me and my friend went to. She had lost a lot weight and came out of her shell while he remained the same. When it was time for one of my friends to smoke she made a bowl out of aluminum foil and a straw. He sat back in disbelief. He didn’t know she knew how to do that and they had been together for six years. He tried to check her on it but she was the one running things because she said don’t judge me and it was left alone.

I could see on his face a look of confusion and anger but he was trying to be reserved in front of company. She lost weight but it seems like she was trying to make up for all the attention she was miss out on at a larger weight. She had this vibe that she had been keeping secrets from her husband. On one hand she had a very free spirit whereas her husband had a very quiet reserved demeanor. From the outside it looked as if they had a troubled relationship. When my friend said now yall have something in common it became crystal clear. Their energies didn’t complement each other at all. At one point in time they may have but it looks like there was a shift in the energies at one point. When she made a conscious decision to change her lifestyle it changed her for the better. By her changing her energy changed; by him continuing an unhealthy lifestyle his did not. It also seemed that he was not giving her the attention she needed because she changed her hair and got dressed to go to the liquor store.

Relationships are a tricky thing sometimes. They mirror life in many ways. When you first get with someone your energies might not match but a lot of things are overlooked because of the newness of it all. As time goes on the differences become glaring and eventually cause a strain on things. When energies aren’t matched something as simple as getting milk can turn into the WWE in no time. We get with people that aren’t meant to be permanent and try to make them so. We make lifetime decisions when we haven’t truly found ourselves that come back to haunt us later on. When picking a partner we often tend to go for superficial things instead of things that would give us a peaceful life relationship wise. If you like to go club and she can’t stand it that is a thorn, If she likes to go shopping constantly and you are trying to save money guess what the majority of your arguments will be about. Make sure your energies complement each other on a basic level. If they don’t you will be in for a lifetime of heartache and headaches.

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