Mildew Moves

You have probably have been sitting on move for so long that it’s starting to collect mildew. You have bullshitted on making it happen because you don’t have all the information and you are listening to that little voice of doubt. What if Bill Gates bullshitted on making Microsoft? There would be no platform for the world to communicate with. Apple wasn’t really popping like that til the Ipod came out. What if Martin Luther King said fuck it and turned a blind eye to the conditions of black folks back in the day? The simple fact that you have procrastinated on acting is stunting the growth of the world and it’s people. Yeah it’s really that deep when you think about it. The world is missing the uniqueness of your energy. Sure somebody could do the move but they aint you. They wouldn’t do it like you would. The vision wouldn’t be the same and it would have a different name. You will be living with what if questions if you don’t get off your ass now while you still have your energy and youth. You ever seen mildew on a white ceiling? It starts off as small black spots then over time it grows into a dark black ring that stinks. That’s what is happening to your move the longer you sit on it. Many want to wear the crown but very few do.

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