Milk Crate Manifesto

Very few people have the balls to start something completely from scratch. The amount of work it takes for someone to become self made is too frightening for most. They can’t handle the zombie life. The beauty of it is it leaves life wide open for the gritty. The people not afraid to get dirt under the fingernails; the people that will risk their lives in order not to be slaves to some master. The discouraged always have a ghost story on why you can’t make it through the desert into the promised land. The beauty of starting from the bottom is no one can cheat you. They can’t take what you have built. Don’t expect your loved ones to understand either. You see you and I we represent generation now. We don’t to believe the fairytale of the American dream because we are all too familiar with the American nightmare. We know we are better off hustling for ourselves instead expecting someone to put us on.

The wool has been far removed from our eyes for a long time. We don’t kiss ass and we don’t expect favors. We have bags under our eyes and have been wearing the same clothes for the last four days. We have the heart to continue handing out flyers even though we know they will eventually end up on the ground. We hate fake anything. We have became strangers to our former friends because we aren’t like them anymore. We can no longer be content with table scraps; we want to own the table. God blesses the hustler with heart and ferociousness. That is why you can’t be fake under any circumstance. This is why we can’t tolerate bullshit people. This is why people are scared to ask us our opinion because they know they can’t handle the truth. Our presence is a living testament to God operating on this plane of existence. We are what keeps the world progressing in a new direction. We invoke change while others wait for it to happen to them. If a market doesn’t exist we create it. You and I aren’t like the majority of the world. They make excuses and we make a way. See you at the top.

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